3 Best Nike Air Jordan Recommendations (Latest in 2023)

Nike is a good and quality shoe brand. Nike continues to innovate, starting in terms of technology, appearance, and the models offered. The Air Jordan sneaker is one of Nike’s innovations in producing basketball shoes. However, now the production of Air Jordan shoes is not only limited to basketball shoes, you know!

All Air Jordan shoes have their own advantages. For this reason, we will present information in the form of tips on choosing Nike Air Jordan shoes. There are also recommendations for the best Air Jordan products for you. Come on, see a more detailed explanation below.

Get to know Nike Air Jordan

The first Nike Air Jordan shoes were produced specifically for Michael Jordan, the phenomenal basketball player. The Nike Air Jordan I sneaker was officially launched on the market in 1985. Initially, Air Jordan only focused on making basketball shoes. However, as time went on, the types and models of shoes produced became more varied.

There are two types of Air Jordan logos, namely Wing and Jumpman. Wing is a logo slot featuring wings used on Air Jordan I and II shoes. Meanwhile, Jumpman is Michael Jordan’s silhouette during a dunk. The Jumpman logo began to be used on the Air Jordan III shoe and onwards. Now the Wing logo is still used for the production of retro Air Jordan I and II shoes.

Interestingly, Air Jordan sneakers are starting to frequently collaborate with certain artists, athletes, or even brands. In 2020, Air Jordan released a special collection in collaboration with Billie Eilish and Dior. These Air Jordan sneakers began to be bought by many people to be used as collections, not just as ordinary footwear.

Air Jordan Original, limited and the target of collectors

The Original or Old Gangster type is a series of Nike Air Jordan shoes that were issued in the year of its first launch. Original shoes are made in limited quantities and will no longer be produced once that version sells out. This was done with the aim of maintaining the exclusivity of the Air Jordan shoes themselves.

If you want to get your hands on Nike Air Jordan Original shoes, all you need to do is check out their official website. In addition, the appearance of Original shoes will also be announced to the public prior to launch.

Original shoes that have been sold are usually not worn, but are only kept as collections. Until now, Air Jordan Original shoes are still traded by sneaker collectors at prices that continue to rise.

Air Jordan Retro, a new and innovative touch of color brought to the old design

Air Jordan Retro is here to facilitate shoe enthusiasts who haven’t had the chance to own the original version. The Retro label itself is used to mark the re-launch of the Original version of Air Jordan shoes. An example is the Air Jordan XIV. The Original version was launched in 1998, while the Retro version of the Air Jordan XIV was marketed in 2016.

However, not all Air Jordan Original shoes will be retro versions. Only shoes that are considered special are produced by Retro. The shoes in this Retro version are not completely the same as the Original. Shoes will be given a new colorway. This means that the color RTP slot composition of Retro shoes will be different from the Original version.

3 best Nike Air Jordan shoe recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Nike Air Jordan shoe products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products have been carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity in the marketplace.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

The design is sporty, can be used to play basketball as well as casual style

You want to use shoes that are also worn by Michael Jordan? These sneakers are definitely a must-have. The design and features of these shoes have been maintained until the latest original release. It looks very sporty and cool so it can be used to play basketball and casual style.

Air Jordan 1 Low

A killer combination, quality materials meet iconic designs!

Prefer low cut shoes with a classic design? We recommend the Retro bonus new member version of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low. This shoe was inspired by the Original version which was made in 1985. Its iconic and timeless design makes this shoe a must-have for collection.

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE

Simple appearance, but still stylish when used

Air Jordan 1 presents a choice of shoe heights from low, mid, and high. All three are quite popular and in great demand. On the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid SE, the appearance feels simpler.

Those of you who like high shoes, but don’t like Air Jordan high, can consider this product. For long-term use, of course these shoes are durable. The constituent material is comfortable on the feet.

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