Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

The most common hair removal method is shaving. Although this is a quick and easy way to get rid of your unwanted hair, the hairs also repel quickly and the risk of skin irritation is high. The disgraceful and embarrassing that is growing rapidly and shaving is therefore not the most effective way to eliminate hair. Have you ever heard of sugaring? It is a 100% natural hair removal method also known as sugar waxes. Its composition consists of water, lemon juice and sugar.

Many therefore call the sugar resin, but it’s not a resin. The bristles are faded with the sticky sugar paste, which encapsulates the hair and facilitates the deletion. The big advantage is that you do not get any skin irritation because the wax is glued with hair and not to the skin. It also feels less painful. The sugar paste has a temperature of about 20/25 degrees Celsius, less than that of normal resin treatment. Sugar pulp residues are easily removed with soap and water.


Sugaring, a mild hair removal method for the whole body

Another commonly used term is “body sugaring“. But besides, for example, your feet with sugar paste, you can also eliminate the face. Think of lips, cheeks, chin, and eyebrows. Especially for people with sensitive skin benefits of care with candle sugar, because it is a mild hair removal method. You don’t need to worry about leaving a salon with an upper lip that is annoyed and red.

Even women who frighten of the idea of ​​Brazilian candles can choose treatment with sugaring confidence. The pubic area is a sensitive area, but waxing with sugar candles is much more painful than famous Brazilian candles or ordinary waxing.

Sugaring – the benefits at a glance

  • Sugar wax consists only of natural ingredients. It has a transparent colour and will be applied very finely to the skin with a spatula. Each hair will be removed, whatever the length.
  • Do you have stubborn hair? Then the dough can simply be applied again to the same place to eliminate this hair.
  • This boring hair stays away for 3 sometimes even 8 weeks. This differs of course per person, but it’s certainly effective!
  • You also get rid of dead skin cells immediately. It’s actually an immediate coat, causing super soft skin.
  • Your hair will become softer and this time with a narrower tip. When using sugar wax regularly, your hair follicles will narrow a little.

In short, try trying to try. You will see that you no longer need a razor!

Author Linda Jansen: My name is Linda. With more than 15 years of work experience as a skinner of the skin and beautician, I am very interested in everything about skincare, the change of way of life and nutrition. I regularly write articles on this passion to inform people of the latest trends and developments.

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