1903 Elk County Atlas

(Submitted by L. Morgan)

                                                                              DATE TO 
Abbott, John         Farmer/Stock Raiser     35    Howard       Howard        Not given
Adams, J.D.& Son     Farmer/Stock Dealers    32    PawPaw       Howard        1879
Allen, C.H.          Farmer                  35    Painterhood  Busby         Not given
Albright, P.H. & Co. Real Estate/Loans       --    ------       Winfield      N/A
Anderson, Gust       Farmer/Chrm. of         36    Painterhood  Busby         Not given
                       Republican Central 
Arnall, M.F.         Real Estate             --    -----        Elk Falls     Not given
Baird, S.S.          Farmer/Stock raiser/    27    Howard       Howard        1880
                       Breeder of Registered
Bardwell, F.A.       Grain/Hay/Feed          --    -----        Longton       Not given
Basey, J.M.          Farmer                  34    Elk Falls    Elk Falls     Not given
Bennett, E.E.        Prop. Iowa Southern     --    ----         Humboldt, IA  Not given
                       Investment Co./                            Howard, KS
                       Real Estate, etc.                                            
Beu, Wm. J.          Farmer/Stock raiser     26    Elk Falls    Howard        Not given
Blecha, Frank        Farmer                  29    Oak Valley   Oak Valley    Not given
Bonnett, Oscar       Farmer/Stock raiser      1    Howard       Howard        1902
Boone, W.C.          Real Estate/Loans/Ins.        -----        Longton       Not given
                       Notary Public        
Bracken, Geo. M.     Farmer/Stock raiser      3    Liberty      New Albany    Not given
Briggs, Mary L.      Farmer                   3    Union Center Glenwild      Not given
Clark, L.K.          Breeder/Dealer in Reg.  17    Greenfield   Grenola       1868
                       Horses & Jacks
Cleveland & Pitts    Livery/Feed/Sale Stable --    ------       Moline        Not given
Clough, F.E.         Farmer/Stock raiser      8    Elk Falls    Elk Falls     Not given
Cook, Fred           Farmer/Broker/Land       1    Howard       Howard        Not given
Cook, J.H.           Prop. Hotel(everything  --    -----        Howard        1884
                       1st class; rates @ 
                       $1.50 per day)
Connor, E.W.         Real Estate/Insurance   --    ------       Severy        1902
Courtney, W.T.       Farmer/Stock raiser     31    Union Center Howard        1883
Cowgill, S.P.        Notary Public/Farmer/   30    Oak Valley   Oak Valley    Not given
                       Real Estate
Cunningham, Harvey   Farmer                  32    Elk Falls    Moline        1870    
Davidson, G.W.       Farmer/Stock raiser     22    Howard       Howard        Not given
Davis, Samuel        Farmer                  30    Elk Falls    Moline        Not given
Deming Investment Co.Farm Loans              --    -----        Fredonia      N/A
Denton, John T.      Pres. Grenola State     --    ------       Grenola       1885
Dewey, E.G.          Publisher               --    ------       Moline        Not given
Dewhitt, Wm. A.      Farmer/Breeder of Hogs  16    PawPaw       Howard        1871
Dexter, Joseph       Farmer                  17    Oak Valley   Oak Valley    Not given
Dolen, Wm.           Farmer                   3    Howard       Howard        Not given
Dunlop, Geo.         Farmer/Stock raiser     32    Longton      Longton       Not given
Dunlop, John         Farmer                  21    Longton      Longton       Not given
Dory, W.M.           Butcher/Farmer/Stock    17    Greenfield   Grenola       1870
Douthitt & Ayres     Attorneys               --    ----         Howard        Not given
Eastman, W.A.        Farmer/Stock raiser     10    Greenfield   Grenola       1880
Elftmann, Wm.        Farmer/Breeder of        4    Painterhood  Upola         Not given
                       Registered Stock

Elk, County of, Commissioners: 

W. M. Crooks, Chairman, Howard; 
S.Z. Ellsworth, Moline and 
J.A. Grubb, Oak Valley. 
Clerk- G.J. Sharp, 
Deputy- Ada Sharp,
Treasurer- W.F. Coors.
Treasurer-elect, L.E. Roberts. 
Supt. Public Instruction- A.L. Brown.
Attorney- A.T. Ayres
Register of Deeds-Mrs. Mollie Whaling
Sheriff-A.J. Maddox
Probate Judge- C.A. Jewett
Clerk of the Distrcit Court- Frank Organ
Coroner- Dr. C.W. Naddox, Longton
Surveyor, C.F. Osborn
Representative- T.P. Hawkins, Grenola

Elstun, W.A.         Attorney                --    -------       Moline       Not given
Erford, Dr. W.F.     Physician/Surgeon       --    ------        Howard       Not given
Ferrell, L.B.        Farmer/Ranchman         --    -----         Wichita      Not given
Finley, A.W.         Livestock/Grain/Hay     10    Elk Falls     Elk Falls    Not given
                       Prop.of River Ranch
                       Clear Creek Ranch
                       County Line Ranch

First National Bank- I.D. Brainard, Pres.                         Howard
                     A.T. Ayres, Vice Pres.
                     C.F. Plowman, Cashier
                     H.G. Zirn, Asst. Cashier;
                       General Banking 

Fitzmorris, J.K.     Farmer.Stock raiser     22    Liberty        Fall River  Not given
Flory, F.C.          Publisher               --    ----           Howard      Not given
Force, Frank A.      -------                 --    -----          Elk Falls   Not given
Ford, Z.T.           Farmer/Stock raiser     17    Union Center   Western Prk 1884
Frakes, M.           Farmer/Stock raiser      3    Elk Falls      Elk Falls   Not given
Freeman, L.A.        Farmer/County Comm.     --    -----          Longton     Not Given
Fry, W.H.            Farmer                  10    Wild Cat       Moline      1870
Gilbert, J.M.        Farmer/Breeder of Hogs  25    Painterhood    Busby       Not given
                       Cedar Summit Farm
Gilman, C.E.         Farmer                   4    Wildcat        Moline      1870
Gordon, U.G.         Prop. Hotel Gordon      --    ------         Longton     Not given
Gragg, Wm.           Breeder of Registered    3    PawPaw         Howard      1897
                       Short Horn Cattle Prop.
                       Rural Vale Stock Farm 
Graham, F.B.         Real Estate             --     -----         Eureka      N/A

Grenola State Bank,  John T. Denton-Pres.                         Grenola     Not given
                     J.N. Aubachon,-Vice Pres.
                     A.A. Denton- Cashier
                     W.A. Dilley- Asst. 
                     Cashier-General Banking

Grubb, J.A.          Farmer/County Comm.      7     Oak Valley    Oak Valley  Not given
Hale, L.             Editor/Real Estate      --     -----         Longton     Not given
Hamar & Son          Abstracts/Real Estate   --     ------        Howard      Not given
Hamner, Geo. E.      Farmer/Stock raiser      6     Painterhood   Howard      Not given
Hanna & Co.          Real Estate/Livestock   --     ------        Howard      Not given
Harper, Henry        Farmer/Stock raiser     28     Howard        Howard      Not given
Harris, F.R.         Spec.Agent US Butter     3     Wildcat       Moline      Not given
                       Extractor Co./Farmer
Harris, J.C.         Farmer/Stock raiser     16     Union Center  Western Prk Not given
Harris, N.G.         Prop.Shady Lane Stock   16     Union Center  Western Prk Not given
Heater, W.D.         Farmer/Stock raiser     15     PawPaw        Howard      1885
Hensley & Batson     Real Estate & Loans     --     ----          Howard      Not given
Hills, P.S.          Manager of PH Albright  --     ----          Howard      Not given
                       & Co. Loans
Hiner, J.L.          Farmer/Stock raiser      5     Longton       Longton     Not given
Hogan, Thos          Farmer/Stock raiser     14     Elk Falls     Elk Falls   1883
Holmes, J.P.         Notary Public/Gen'l     --     -----         Oak Valley  Not given
Holladay, H.A.       Farmer/Livestock Dealer 28     PawPaw        Howard      Not given

Howard National Bank Geo. W. McKey-Pres.                          Howard
                     J.M. Gwin-Vice Pres.
                     A.F. Eby- Cashier
                     Noyes Barber-Asst. 
                       Cashier, General 

Hubbard, Henry       Gas/Oil Lands           --      -----        Moline      1895
Hubbell, H.E.        Real Estate             --      -----        Howard      Not given
Hugg, Samuel         Farmer/Stock raiser     14      Howard       Howard      Not given
Hunter, Robert       Farmer/Stock raiser      7      Painterhood  Busby       Not given
Hurst, K.            Attorney                --      -----        Howard      Not given
Husselton, W.J.      Farmer/Stock raiser     31      Wildcat      Moline      1884
Hutton, J.E.         Farmer                  25      Wildcat      Moline      1896
Hylton, T.W.         Hardware & implements   --      -----        Grenola     1875
Jackson, D.W.        Probate Judge           --      -----        Moline      Not given
Johnson, E.          Farmer/Stock raiser      1      Painterhood  Busby       Not given
Johnson & Parsons    Livery                  --      ------       Howard      Not given
Keath, W.F.          Farmer                  30      Painterhood  Howard      Not given
Keifer, C.H.         Farmer/Stock raiser      3      Wildcat      Moline      1884
Kennett, C.C.        Farmer/Stock raiser      8      Painterhood  Upola       Not given
Kent, E.P.           Farmer/Stock raiser     19      Elk Falls    Moline      Not given
Kingsley, Mrs. Emma  Farmer/Stock raiser     27      Howard       Howard      Not given
Kimzey, S.F.         Farmer/Stock raiser     28      Longton      Longton     Not given
Kollar, H.           Farmer/Stock raiser     36      Longton      Longton     Not given
Kunkelman B.         Miller                  --      ------       Howard      Not given
Kyser, L.W.          Farmer                  17      Union Center Grenola     1871
Lavelle, Martin      Farmer/Stock raiser     29      Elk Falls    Moline      Not given
Long Bros.           Real Estate             --      ------       Fredonia    N/A
Long, Place, Plummer Real Estate/Loans/Ins.  --      -------      Grenola     Not given
Long, S.L.           Attorney                --      ------       Howard      Not given
Lottin, S.           Farmer/Stock raiser     13      Elk Falls    Elk Falls   1873
McClure, C.H.        Assessor                --      -----        Longton     Not given
McCormick, R.J.      Farmer                  34      Elk Falls    Elk Falls   Not given
McCutchan, R.B.      Editor/Attorney/Ins/    --      -----        Longton     Not given
McDiarmid, Duncan    Farmer                  28      Elk Falls    Elk Falls   Not given
McKay, Andrew B.     Postmaster              --      -----        Longton     Not given
McNitt, B.B.         Farmer/Stock raiser     36      Howard       Howard      Not given
Maddox, A.J.         Sheriff                 --      -----        Howard      Not given
Mahan, C.W.          Prop.Transfer/Breeder   --      -----        Longton     Not given
                       Registered Stock
Mann, E.A.           Merchant                --      -----        Grenola     1875
Marmont, W.E.        Farmer/Stock raiser     27      Longton      Longton     Not given
Martin, C.N.         Register of Deeds       --      -----        Howard      1873
Martin, Wm. E.       Farmer/Stock raiser      4      Longton      Longton     Not given
Matthews, N.J.       Farmer/Stock raiser      8      Painterhood  Upola       Not given
Meek, A.B.           Farmer                  32      Greenfield   Grenola     1870
Messick, H.E.        Breeder of Registered   10      Union Center Western Prk 1879
                       Poland China Hogs
Messick, W.N.        Farmer/Breeder of Reg.  10      Union center Western Prk 1879
                       Poland China Hogs
Metzger, A.          Farmer/Stock raiser     33      Longton      Longton     Not given
Miller, J.A.         Farmer/Breeder of Hogs   6      Union Center Glenwild    Not given
Miller, J.W.         Livery/Feed Stable      --      ----         Longton     Not given
Mitchell, S.H.       Farmer/Fruit Grower     --      -----        Longton     Not given
Morris, Milton       Farmer/Livestock Dealer  7      PawPaw       Howard      1881
Mullendore, D.L.     Farmer/Breeder of Hogs  35      Union Center Howard      1882
Musick, Jas W.       Farmer/Stock raiser     33      Howard       Howard      1883
Myers, O.S.          Real Estate/Loans       10      Wildcat      Moline      Not given
Olson, B.            Farmer/Stock raiser     12      PawPaw       Howard      1888
Organ, M.D.          Farmer/Assessor          6      Painterhood  Busby       Not given
Orr, J.C.            Farmer/Breeder of       11      PawPaw       Howard      1872
                     Registered Duroc
                     Jersey Hogs/Prop.
                     Jersey Stock Farm
Oak Valley, Township
                 of      --------            --      Oak Valley    Oak Valley
Patterson, N.        Farmer/Stock raiser      1      Painterhood   Busby      Not given
Patterson, S.H.      Real Estate/Loans       --      -----         Howard     Not given
Perkins, E.R.        Farmer/Stock raiser     33      Union Center  Howard     1880
                       Prop.Clear Creek Ranch
Peterson, I.C.       Farmer/Stock raiser      8      Wildcat       Moline     1873
Polquist, A.P.       Farmer/Stock raiser &   20      PawPaw        Howard     1873
                       Breeder of Shorthorn
Poston, C.W.         Retired Farmer           3      Longton       Longton    Not given
Rader, J.L.          Farmer                  36      PawPaw        Howard     Not given
Reid, Geo. K.        Real Estate/Loans/Ins.  --      -----         Howard     Not given
Rhodes, P.P.         Farmer/Prop.Maple Glen  24      Union Center  Howard     Not given
                       Springs Ranch
Richards, J.R.       Prop. Duroc Jersey      36      PawPaw        Severy     1878
                       Stock Farm/Assessor/
                       Hog Breeder
Riggs, S.C.          Farmer/Stock raiser      2      Howard        Howard     Not given
Roberts, L.E.        Co. Treasurer/Merchant  --      -----         Elk Falls  Not given
Ross, J.C. & Son     Dry goods/clothing/etc. --      -----         Howard     Not given
Russell, E.H.        Farmer & Assesor        10      Liberty       New Albany Not given
Sanger, F.D.         Farmer/Assessor         12      Oak Valley    Oak Valley Not given
Sexton, D.E.         Farmer/Stock raiser      3      Longton       Longton    1880
Sharp, G.J.          County Clerk            --      -----         Howard     Not given
Shedivetz, B.        Farmer                  30      PawPaw        Severy     Not given
Smith, Geo. W.       Farmer/Stock raiser     31      Oak Valley    Longton    Not given
Spencer, W.E.        Farmer/Stock raiser      8      Longton       Longton    Not given
Spray, A.H.          Farmer/Stock raiser     36      Elk Falls     Moline     Not given
Staneart, J.E.       Attorney/Insurance      --      ------        Longton    Not given
Stewart, James       Stock Farms/Livestock    2      PawPaw        Severy     Not given
stewart, S.A.        Farmer/Stock raiser     33      Longton       Longton    Not given
stiles, J.E.         Farmer/Stock raiser     34      Greenfield    Grenola    1871
Sturges, W.S.        Farmer/Stock raiser     21      Wildcat       Moline     1871
Sutton, U.G.         R E Loans/Ins./Editor   --      -----         Grenola    1898
Swart Bros           Stock raisers/Ranchmen  32      Union Center  Glenwild   Not given
Thompson, James      Farmer/Stock raiser      1      Greenfield    Grenola    1903
                       & Dealer
Thompson, John       Farmer                  17      Liberty       Fall River Not given
Thompson, Thomas E.  Publisher               --      -----         Howard     Not given
Trowbridge & 
  & Surgeons                                 --      -----         Howard     Not given
Van Arsdale, J.H.    Ranchman                26      Union Center  Beaumont   Not given
Watts, J.R.          Farmer/Stock raiser      3      Longton       Longton    Not given
Webster, A.N.        Farmer/Stock raiser      6      Painterhood   Howard     Not given
Whipple, C.E.        Farmer/Stock raiser/    30      PawPaw        Howard     1871
                       Broom Mfg.
White, Wm.           Farmer/Stock Feeder     32      Wildcat       Moline     1865
Whitmer, Jesse M.    Oak Grove Farm          25      Oak Valley    Longton    Not given
Wooddall, J.W.       Farmer                   5      Liberty       Severy     Not given
Wooddall, T.I.       Farmer                  28      Libery        Fall River Not given
Workman, R.F.        Farmer/Stock raiser     31      Painterhood   Howard     Not given

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