Genealogy Trails' Kansas

Longton Cemetery
Elk County, Kansas
Names A thru K

The Longton cemetery is located in Longton township adjacent to Road 25, about 3/4 mile north of highway U.S. 160. in the SW 1/4 of Sec 35, Twp 30S, R 12E. The coordinates are 37391157N, 96069709W.


Lot BLK Row Space Name Birth Death CommentPhoto
000565ADAMSON, Roger E.19271940  
000556ADAMSON, Infant19291929daughter 
****-ALBRIGHT, Sylvia E.24 Aug 1903Dec 1999  
--141ALBRIGHT, Herbert L.19031987  
003351ALONZO, Sabra19041975  
003352ALONZO, Mike18931965  
062181ANDERSON, Selma S.18881968  
062182ANDERSON, Mary A.18861948  
062183ANDERSON, Albert18891905  
062184ANDERSON, Gust18371911  
062185ANDERSON, Ida B.18921946  
062186ANDERSON, Anna18531934  
06218 ANDERSON, Anna18531934  
1006114ANDERSON, Trella M.19141994  
1006115ANDERSON, Charles T.19281984  
1006116ANDERSON, Arvel F. Rev.18961970  
1006110ANDERSON, George D.19641964  
0996121ANDERSON, Fred A.18941972  
030723ANTLE, Mildred19101987  
****   ARNOLD, Arthur31 Jul 189619 Apr 1976  
065521ARNOLD, Bertha19031977  
165522ARNOLD, Walter18991972  
108631ARNOLD, Anjenneta19051982  
108632ARNOLD, Andrew19051981  
145672ARNOLD, Frieda M.19321992  
145672ARNOLD, Edith L.19051998  
145673ARNOLD, Frieda M.18782004?? 
13267 ARNOLD, Hilda19021988  
13267 ARNOLD, Floyd18921977  
1226124ARNOLD, Nadine M.19091973  
1226125ARNOLD, Arthur18961976  
0717146ASHENFELTER, Robert W.19471995  
139512ATKINSON, Anna A.18851990  
139513ATKINSON, Alphard M.18801966  
0691141ATTEBERRY, Marquis L.18411924  
0691142ATTEBERRY, Zilpha Jane18431917  
075481ATTEBERRY, Mary18791934  
075482ATTEBERRY, W. Fred18751940  
0151124ATWATER, Martha J.18461899  
0151125ATWATER, Joseph B.18261916  
0151126ATWATER, May M. 1895  
114542BAGBY, Earl C.19151961  
033171BAILEY, Laura18581925  
033172BAILEY, George W.18491921  
0664124BAKER, Alfred E.17Jun 191115 Jun 1988  
0664125BAKER, Gertie M.18831937  
0664126BAKER, Allie L.18851966  
114646BAKER, Stephen Scott1956PN  
035561BALLENGER, Joseph O.19151992  
****   BALLENGER, Ruth30 Aug 191718 Dec 2011  
106550BANNING, Veora A.19071991  
106551BANNING, Lonzo A.19021968  
049261BARBOUR, Margaret18451917  
049262BARBOUR, Charles18241902  
049263BARBOUR, John F.18561910  
146581BARNABY, Mary Louise19111967  
146582BARNABY, George W.19041987  
   4BARNABY, Darrell Ray 1959baby 
130594BARNABY, Jessie18841966  
130595BARNABY, Odd Samuel18711958  
0317121BARNABY, Agnes M.19081996  
**** BARNES, Curtis28 Oct 19592001  
0117101BARNES, Golda C.19071996  
0117102BARNES, George R.19021979  
1817102BARNES, Sheldon A.19321996  
018495BARNETT, Mary Mapel 189962y10m5d 
0442111BASSETT, Oscar W.18661891  
0442112BASSETT, Jimmie18901890  
055721BEAUMONT, Otto12 Mar 189723 Jul 1990  
055722BEAUMONT, Florence J.18981988  
055723BEAUMONT, George L.19 Mar 192202 Jan 1991  
****   BEAUMONT, Gertrude21 Mar 192827 Apr 2005
****   BEAUMONT, Larry22 Aug 19512001
****   BECKER, Jimmy J.23 Oct 192619 Dec 2006  
058141BECKNER, Thomas L.19041917  
058142BECKNER, John W.19071927  
058144BECKNER, Charles H.18811964  
058145BECKNER, J Pearl18851983  
051241BECKNER, Blanche27 Sep 189405 Nov 1996  
051242BECKNER, John1888   
142544BECKNER, Cora E.18911972  
142545BECKNER, Robert N.18841960  
005151BEERS, Baby    
****   BEITER, Don A.05 Aug 194616 Oct 2007  
0975141BEITER, Willie E.19151975  
0975142BEITER, Agnes L.18911961  
0956131BEITER, Mary May18981987  
0956132BEITER, John Casper18921972  
134551BELL, Lloyd W.18921986  
134552BELL, Grace E.19001979  
134553BELL, William W.19331957  
008181BELSON, Nellie18651908  
008182BELSON, Paul Richard 18995m 
035291BELT, John18081887  
035292BELT, Fletcher S. 1897  
0352195BELT, Elizabeth F.18351915  
035296BELT, John F.1843   
046291BELT, James W.18291902  
046292BELT, Eveline18341898  
****048   BENBROOK, Brenda L. 23 Feb 195328 Jan 2013  
048471BENNETT, Henry19211984  
048472BENNETT, Sarah18981927  
048473BENNETT, Eddie L. 1924  
018492BENNETT, Henry18581914  
0975143BEOTER, Leo J.18811943  
032264BERRY, Chas 0.18851931  
032265BERRY, Benjamin F.18491911  
0976144BERRY, Edwin E.19331988  
0976145BERRY, Minn1E B.19071983  
0976146BERRY, Owen A.19011975  
0381124BEVERLIN, William C.18661944  
0381125BEVERLIN, Alice M.18691909  
0381126BEVERLIN, J. Orval18981899  
057431BEWLEY, William T.18331919  
****   BISH, Benjamin16 Jun 197820 Feb 2014  
****   BISH, Charles A.31 Dec 191804 Oct 2007  
****   BISH, Ethel13 Jul 191813 Mar 2010  
112521BLACK, Zella18991969  
112522BLACK, Olan L.18971966  
0433121BLACKMAN, Katie B. 188424y4m 
080754BLADES, Marion R.191107 Aug 2001  
080755BLADES, Martha V.19171998  
080756BLADES, Marion Jr.193607 Aug 2001  
047383BLAIR, Elva May1883Can't read  
10051l3BLANK, Dlx W/Riser    
1005114BLANK, Dlx W/Riser    
082731BLISS, F. E.19301994  
0172101BODINE, Ashley S.18531911  
0172102BODINE, Emma S.19071907  
0172104BODINE, Marie19071907  
0172105BOD1NE, Walter 18893y6m23d 
0172106BODINE, Bessie24 Jan 18901892  
13B1141BONE, Berun B.186819??  
13B1143BONE, Almira A.18501933  
13B1144BONE, William F.18401932  
13B1145BONE, James Carl 1893  
13B1146BONE, George B. 1893  
034184BOONE, Chester C.18811960  
0341815BOONE, Sarah Young18511924  
034186BOONE, William C.18481908  
145574BOONE, Louise E.18771961  
145575BOONE, Clarence W.18741960  
0362104BOOTH, Letha18971908  
081741BOYER, Myra L. Arnold19391995  
059356BRADY, Martha G.18741922  
0673136BRANT, Mary E.18411911ssw Zimri, his wifeYES
0673136BRANT, Zimri18371891ssw MaryYES
005254BREWINGTON, Daisie01 Mar 186610 Apr 1901  
059154BROGHT, Clarissa18601933  
059155BRIGHT, Lwyman P.18561914  
0591156BRIGHT, Treva L.19301931  
061175BRIGHT, Beecher18871912  
****   BRITIAN, Carl A.12 Oct 196505 Nov 2006  
056711BRITIAN, Cindy Kay19701990  
022764BRITIAN, Clifford A.19231991  
****   BRITIAN, Don    
****   BRITIAN, Ivah22 Jun 192529 Mar 2005  
****   BRITIAN, Rodney21 Mar 192811 Dec 2004  
0151121BROOKS, William18271897  
139511BROTHERTON, Henry A.19301980  
160573BROTHERTON, Cora25 Feb 192709 Aug 1995  
160560BROTHERTON, Emmett L.19271976  
144561BROTHERTON, Harold E.19231972  
****   BROTHERTON, Ronald M.21 Nov 193222 Jan 2001  
144562BROTHERTON, Ruby1903PN  
144563BROTHERTON, Tony19011970  
160571BROTHERTON, Emmett L.19221976  
160572BROTHERTON, Cora19271995  
0392131BROWN, William R.    
1215114BROWN, Alice G.18921987  
1215115BROWN, Brownie18911947  
054311BRUNDAGE, Albert 26 Oct 187639y2m14d 
054312BRUNDAGE, Adaha 17 Sep 18721Oy29d 
006384BRUNK, Inis May 188713y2m18d, d/o Amon & M.J.YES
0372115BRYANT, Henrietta E.18711899  
****   BUCHANAN, Blossom05 OCT 191731 Jan 2011  
006752BUCHANAN, W. Everett19161999  
023751BUCHANAN, James W.19521981  
****   BUCHANAN, Mary A.03 Dec 191004 May 2003  
141631BURCH, Willie Ray18891978  
141632BURGH, Oley R.18971993  
141633BURGH, Eugene J.19211982  
141634BURCH, Sadie J.18891976  
141635BURGH, Denver J.18761972  
0382125BURCHFIELD, Florence18761880  
0382126BURCHFIELD, Clarence18721877  
085631BURFORD , Ruth Day18991953  
085632BURFORD, Francis G.18931983  
085634BURFORD, Ida18621948  
085635BURFORD, Betty Highfil18601955  
085636BURFORD, James T.18591942  
0002102BURIAL ,    
0102103BURIAL ,    
0372116BURIAL ,    
0122122BURIAL ,    
0995121May be for sale,buried in5-14L-96  
057434BURNS, Arla18861968  
057435BURNS, Mary Edith188?1970  
0633914BURROWS, Gwendolyn A.21 Feb 1928 ssw Keith & Sharan LindleyYES
0633915BURROWS, Keith W.07 May 192110 Jul 1993ssw Gwendalyn & Sharan LindleyYES
0127111BURSON, Glen M.19111982  
0127112BURSON, Luella06 Sep 1913Sep 1996  
1216111BUSBY, Alice Lee19001977  
1216112BUSBY, Benjamin Tom18961979  
****   BUSBY, Earl03 Jul 192927 Dec 2000  
029335CALHOUN, Nelle Crumrine18881923  
0374114CAMPBELL, Isaac18601928  
0374115CAMPBELL, Vivian18591922  
0407111CANNON, Darin J.19901990  
049364CANOOSE, Martha J.1901   
049365CANOOSE, Elmer E.1893   
049366CANOOSE, Dema1888   
049367CANOOSE, E. E.1893   
0164114CANOOSE, W. G.18251909  
0164115CANOOSE, E. Eg    
0661123,  Can't read 
0671131,  Can't read 
0677132,  Can't read 
0671133,  Can't read 
13B1142,  Can't read 
033275,  Can't read 
081121CAREY, Mable    
057234CARR, Virgil S.18461910  
057235CARR, Florence18511912  
057236CARR, Maggie    
047481CARTER, Doris Lorene19221924  
046496CARTER, Earl19261927  
046391CARTMELL, Arthur W. 04 Dec 18849y2m29d, s/o Wm & EEYES
046392CARTMELL, Goldie 189411y3m27d, d/o Wm & EEYES
****   CARTMELL, Emeline05 Jul 1833 ssw Wm, his wifeYES
046393CARTMELL, William M.183008 Feb 1903ssw EmelineYES
0936114CASPER, Daisy18821963  
020471CAYTON, Ulysses G.18851893  
020472CAYTON, Sarah18461912  
051144CHAMBERLIN, Roscoe19031914  
051145CHAMBERLIN, Lillian M18651949  
051146CHAMBERLIN, William H18651954  
051147CHAMBERLIN, Cecil M18951963  
029131CHAMBERS, Edna Doty18881936  
0083101CHURCHMAN, George W.18101878  
0083102CHURCHMAN, Eunice A.12 May 181429 Apr 1901  
0083103CHURCHMAN, Effie    
0083104CHURCHMAN, Blanch   YES
055312CLARK, Riley 25 Nov 188760y13d 
0631391CLARK, James Homer 03 Oct 18722y29d, s/o JM & Louisa YES
063392CLARK, Charles H.18891915 YES
063393CLARK, James M08 Apr 184924 Jan 1925ssw Margaret L.YES
063394CLARk, Margaret L.18541940ssw James M.YES
063395CLARK, M. Elaine19241997ssw George S.YES
063396CLARK, George S.1923 ssw M. ElaineYES
063397CLARK, G Summer03 Feb 187931 May 1925 YES
063398CLARK, Leota C.18791966 YES
063399CLARK, Juanita M.19061969 YES
033471CLARK, Cord1E M.18811933  
033472CLARK, Oscar D.18771967  
033473CLARK, Lawrence D.19071951  
1531131CLARK, Doris B.19061972  
107641CLARK, Rebecca May18781961  
107642CLARK, Curtis Leroy18731950  
0617151CLARKSON, Jesse D.09 Jan 1938 Feb 1996  
061752CLARKSON, Erma D.1940PN  
0153121CLEGHORN, John M.18601880b. Putnam Co IndYES
0153122CLEGHORN, B. F.18601880  
031456COAN(CK), Anna M.18751903  
****   COATNEY, Kaden S.25 Feb 201327 Feb 2013  
****   CODY, Muriel12 Nov 192104 Nov 2014  
0701131COLVIN, Elizabeth E.18651940  
0701132COLVIN, William H.18431935  
0701133COLVIN, John M.1875198?  
062381COLVIN, Thomas L.18691872ssw William JYES
062382COLVIN, William J.18811882ssw Thomas L YES
062382COLVIN, Rose J. 21 Apr 188543y8m12d, w/o Wm YES
053423COLVIN, Adrance G. 1906  
001431COLVIN, Fred(Son) 189116y3m 
001432COLVIN, Ellen C.18411907  
047484COLVIN, Charles W.18661957  
047485COLVIN, Lydia Jane18821929  
005155CONDRA, Phillip    
005156CONDRA, Mary A.    
0643111CONNEWAY, Can't Read    
0643112CONNEWAY, Sarah A. 09 Jan 18998y1m, w/o A.YES
034381CONOVER, Peter1821  YES
034382CONOVER, Malinda18281896 YES
****   COOK, Elmer06 Sep 193423 Mar 2016 -
****   COOK, Vickie A.11 May 194526 Jan 2000  
0104124COOPER, Edghill B.18231902  
0104125COOPER, Eliza E.1825/18271894  
0104126COOPER, G. B.18671892G.B. may be George?? 
0144130COOPER, Calvin18621934  
133562COOPER, James R.19231970  
133563COOPER, William R.19261969  
133564COOPER, Albert Fay18961967  
133565COOPER, Cecile18931975  
133566COOPER, Arminda18581952  
0724111CORY, Clara18871934  
0724112CORY, Ira18821970  
0724113CORY, Sarah Ann18471932  
0704131CORY, Mary I.19041955  
0704132CORY, Freddie A.19061954  
0152122CRAIG, Mary18201888  
048174CRANE, Mary 1909  
0152121CRANE, Robert18121875  
0452101CRAWFORD, James G.18461878  
0452102CRAWFORD, Mahala A.18431919  
083518CRAWFORD, Emil Leroy18 Jul 190810 Mar 1991  
105561CRAWFORD, Amy H.18701952  
105562CRAWFORD, Silas E.18671945  
1545132CRAWFORD, Elmer G.19071983  
1525144CRAWFORD, Emil L.19081991  
****CRAWFORD, Grace L.18 Jan 190608 Aug 1999  
1525145CRAWFORD, Gwenneth E.19131997  
002344CRISWELL, Roxsey M. 1879 69y5m 
034754CROWELL, Charles18991978  
034755CROWELL, Anna19051999  
052751CROWELL, Ralph18991978  
052751CROWELL, Ralph18991978  
****CROWELL, Ralph V.09 Dec 191326 Sep 1997  
052752CROWELL, Elizabeth01 Feb 191725 Sep 1995  
****   CROWELL, Larry R.26 Oct 194119 Feb 2001  
1215112CRUMBLING, Dix    
029331CRUMRINE, William18161906  
029332CRUMRINE, Mother    
029333CRUMRINE, Susan18221898  
029334CRUMRINE, William W. 188627y9m 
029336CRUMRINE, Theodore 189544y6m14d 
085531CRUMRINE, Lillie18791940  
085532CRUMRINE, Walter L.18761932  
0965141CRUMRINE, Sheridan18681933  
0965142CRUMRINE, Adella18731969  
    CRUSE, Hazel    
0334175CRUZAN, Lulu19051945  
137622CURREY, Lois R.1923PN  
137623CURREY, Percy W.19231977  
023444CURTRIGHT, George18641896  
008285CUTTER, Juliaette 1904  
008286CUTTER, John W. 1899  
****   DALSING, Donald W.27 Apr 193811 Feb 2011  
005152DALSING, Gladys M.    
005153DALSING, Jessie    
09159 DALSING, Nina Marilyn19341937  
09159 DALSING, George Wayne19021978  
09159 DALSING, Mildred B.08 Aug 191123 Jun 1995  
050156DAME, Samuel E.18631950  
050157DAME, Laura A.18671949  
061474DAME, George W.18901982  
061475DAME, Eunice A.18951990  
061476DAME, Noel19261926  
****   DAVIDSON, Ruth E.11 Mar 191814 Jan 2011(Vestal - Sollars) 
033276DAVIDSON, Nancy Jane 1885  
052131DAVIS, Sarah18771969  
052132DAVIS, Edward18691952  
052133DAVIS, Donald30 Oct 19161916  
049165DAVIS, Margaret18411920  
049166DAVIS, Israel18311910  
061470DAVIS, Caroline E.18841946  
061471DAVIS, James H.18891970  
061472DAVIS, Josie18861927  
0644101DAVIS, CharlesNAMEPLA1929  
09159 DAVIS, William L.18831939  
103681DAVIS, Vivian Johnson19281998  
103682DAVIS, Kenneth John19261964  
090682DAVIS, Archie John18921950  
1216115DAVIS, Henry A.19181980  
051766DAVIS, Harry19151997  
140621DEWEY, Sallie D.18851973  
140622DEWEY, William H.18811968  
140624DEWEY, Leonard L.1927PN  
140625DEWEY, Mary Ilene16 Dec 192619 Mar 2010  
140626DEWEY, Larry Gene1949PN  
058441DEXTER, Lester A.06 May l9O603 Sep 1996  
058442DEXTER, Floy A.29 Aug 190921 Sep 1979  
113531DEXTER, Grace19121950  
113532DEXTER, John19051984  
1226122DEXTER, Josephine18921985  
025731DEXTER, Earl19071988  
025732DEXTER, Marjorie19161997  
003354DEXTER, Susie18841888  
003356DEXTER, Susie Fitzgibbon18841888  
1235131DIKEMAN, Gladys L.19001985  
1235132DIKEMAN, Samuel M.18911967  
0651111DILLINGER, Danne L. 1957  
115652DILLINGER, Forrest O.19171965  
0936111DILLINGER, Walter19121978  
0936112DILLINGER, Ethel18911970  
0936113DILLINGER, James O.18821962  
027721DILLINGER, Lester E.19141986  
027722DILLINGER, Roberta A.19181991  
****   DILLINGER, Willis L.06 May 192305 Jun 1999  
****   DILLINGER, Lillian M.22 Feb 192401 Oct 2000  
0373111DOBBS, Blanchie Nola 189418y6mYES
0373112DOBBS, Elley F.16 Feb 185030 Jun 1927ssw John R.YES
0373113DOBBS, John R.18481937ssw ElleyYES
116564DODSON, Pearl M.18821965  
116565DODSON, A. B.11881964  
134634DODSON, Opal M.19071998  
134655DODSON, Jessie19061970  
029132DOTY, Laura A.18651933  
029133DOTY, Jennie13 Mar 18971921  
029135DOTY, Charles A.24 Dec 185414 Aug ????  
0995124DOTY, Ethel S.18891957  
0995125DOTY, Charles M.18891964  
018291DOUGLASS, Merto 1835  
018292DOUGLASS, Blanche 1884  
018293DOUGLASS, Andrew 1883  
****   DOWTY, Lylly M. P.24 May 188911 May 1906  
****   DOUGHTERY, Robert 27 Jul 1877MurderedYES
053325DRISKILL, Ellen 187223y 
053326DRISKILL, Ada 18711y6m 
0404141DRISKILL, Oner    
0404142DRISKILL, Jesse R.19471948  
0404143DRISKILL, Robert19021950  
0404144DRISKILL, Lorene19141958  
0404145DRISKILL, Minnie187619??  
0404146DRISKILL, John18761961  
0404147DRISKILL, Joseph19041921  
088661DRISKILL, Gladys18921947  
088662DRISKILL, Albert18881956  
024435DRUM, Harriet A.18421904  
024436DRUM, Henry18351896  
****   DRYDAN, Newton C.15 Jan 193203 Jul 2004  
0641103DUCKWORTH, Fred J.18801963  
0641104DUCKWORTH, Isa D.18801963  
0641105DUCKWORTH, Ruth A.19161918  
0641106DUCKWORTH, Clara B. 1907  
061171DUNBAR, Margaret S.18511934  
061172DUNBAR, James A.18471912  
063191DUNBAR, Baby19091909  
063192DUNBAR, Effie A.18781966  
063193DUNBAR, George W.18781959  
0731101DUNBAR, Fannie18901982  
0731102DUNBAR, Frank18871953  
0731103DUNBAR, Harold F.19141927  
13069 DUNBAR, Fern B.19211978  
13069 DUNBAR, Bert A.19121973  
019791DUNHAM, Charles W.16 Jun 192101 Apr 2004  
019792DUNHAM, Wanda B.19191979  
0132143DUNLOP, James R.18321882  
0132145DUNLOP, Jennie11 Oct 1884   
0132146DUNLOP, James R.18321882  
0402141DUNLOP, Jane C.18381919  
0402142DUNLOP, Emma G.18781892  
0402144DUNLOP, Robert A.20 Nov 18731875  
0402145DUNLOP, James A.18571902  
0132145DUNLOP, Frank A.18931906  
0412141DUNLOP, Ernest Dr.18901936  
030373DUNLOP, William18631939  
0103121DUNLOP, John06 May 183025 Sep 1904ssw Alexander & MaryYES
0103122DUNLOP, Alexander06 Feb 182629 May 1879ssw John & MaryYES
0103123DUNLOP, Mary24 Mar 183223 Jan 1902ssw John & AlexanderYES
0103125DUNLOP, Stanley01 Jan 189430 Mar 1894 YES
0103126DUNLOP, George A. 05 May 18921y8m, s/o George & MayYES
084521DUNLOP, Rosa18701941  
084522DUNLOP, George A.18641932  
084624DUNLOP, Maggie18731948  
084625DUNLOP, James18711940  
084626DUNLOP, Hazel19021967  
0402143DUNLOP, Andrew A.18801883  
0363101DUTCHER, John R.18181890GrandfatherYES
****   EARL, William22 Sep 186626 Mar 1930  
112625EDWARDS, Myrtle18791973  
112626EDWARDS, B. M.18781964  
027316ELIKERNAHAN, Ella 04 Nov 182115y 
1235134ELLIS, Grace B.18901658  
1235135ELLIS, George W.18891985  
134652EMERY, Lucille M.19171985  
134653EMERY, Howard M.19071970  
046194ERWIN, Minnie18701960  
046195ERWIN, Michael18671953  
046196ERWIN, Baby19071907  
115551FEAR, Lottie L.19061972  
115552FEAR, Frank L.19061991  
****   FEAR, Loyd22 Jul 200212 Jul 2002  
059151FERGUSON, Elizabeth J.18741959  
103581FERGUSON, Glenn David19031974  
103582FERGUSON, Minnie D.18751941  
103583FERGUSON, Joseph H.18721942  
****FINNEY, Velma M.26 Dec 191023 Sep 1999  
0104121FITZGIBBONS, George18621926  
0104122FITZGIBBONS, Amanda18651953  
1255141FITZGIBBONS, George E.19131970  
1255142FITZGIBBONS, Leona18901973  
****   FITZGIBBONS, J. Truman11 Sep 191802 Oct 2010(see note 1) 
1255143FITZBIGGONS, John G.18641951  
0654112FLETCHER, (I. or F.)19201990  
****FLETCHER, Mae F.23 May 192914 Feb 1990  
0654113FLETCHER, Patricia M.19141992  
0654114FLETCHER, Woodrow A.19141992  
074192FORD, Dallas T.19211921  
050151FOSTER, John18981918  
050152FOSTER, Aaron18881913  
050153FOSTER, Matthew J.18581921  
050154FOSTER, Eliza J.18541936  
140525FOSTER, Sylvia E.19001958  
140526FOSTER, Irgy J.18981958  
1575101FOSTER, Mable C.19021983  
1575102FOSTER, Paul J.18971970  
1505121FOSTER, Elizabeth B.19031977  
1505122FOSTER, Clarence W.19001961  
1505124FOSTER, Helen R.18971983  
1225121FOSTER, Margaret I.18721960  
1225122FOSTER, C. R.18691950  
030721FOSTER, Richard E.19341989  
136534FOUCH, Norma J.19391952  
136535FOUCH, Gladys19011983  
136536FOUCH, Chester18941971  
114541FOUCH, William R.19351987  
114545FOUCH, Blanche18771958  
0217121FOUCH, Lloyd D.19271986  
0654111FOUST, Willard E. 1930  
046491FOX, Dora Anna19041977  
0361102FRANKLIN, Sanford E.18451905  
0361103FRANKLIN, Martha A.18521934  
0985131FRAZIER, Charles M.18881944  
0985132FRAZIER, Iva M.18851956  
0432122FREEMAN, Levi29 Jun 185023 Mar 1922  
0432123FREEMAN, Sarah Skidmore184616 Jun 1920  
0432124FREEMAN, Ora Allen07 May 187412 Aug 1951  
0432125FREEMAN, Ida18851935  
0422131FREEMAN, Thomas M.18521876  
0422132FREEMAN, Ida Roberts18951935  
0422133FREEMAN, William18561880  
0422134FREEMAN, Adie Dale14 Jul 18841885  
****   FREEMAN, Gertrude C.22 Feb 191408 May 2002  
029433FREEMAN, Gertrual R.18851977  
029434FREEMAN, Forest Franklin13 Feb 188509 Feb 1948  
1245142FREEMAN, Georgia L.18841976  
0145143FREEMAN, George L.18821950  
0975145FREEMAN, Alice A.185903 Sep 1939  
0975146FREEMAN, V. R.185823 Apr 1934  
019794FREEMAN, Waunita R.19191986  
019795FREEMAN, Melvin O.19141993  
079441FRITZ, Frank18731950  
0393132FRYMIRE, Amanda 188340y, w/o G.H.(?)YES
145571FULK, Della E.19041985  
145572FULK, Don C.18911966  
****   FULMER, Emily15 Jun 193925 Jul 2010  
063292GARDNER, Leathy E.18581924  
063296GARDNER, Margaret 1906  
0642107GARDNER, Ann Zollars18381928  
0443111GARDNER, Henry  ssw Herbert c/o Orlenzo & SarahYES
0443112GARDNER, Herbert  ssw Henry c/o Orlenzo & SarahYES
0414145GARDNER, L. D.18621986/1936  
10259 GARDNER, Alva A.18761948  
0154121GARNER, Effie    
0154122GARNER, S.    
022351GARRELL, Larry1934   
075181GATES, John18441918  
075182GATES, Bette18501927  
075183GATES, John    
0172103GATES, Merrick    
****   GILBERT, Charles E.14 Jan 193618 Aug 2000  
1015104GIRARD, Inez E. May19201996  
1015105GIRARD, Preston L.19181944  
080751GOATES, Joshua199602 Mar 1996  
080752GOATES, Melinda13 Apr 196504 Jan 1997  
058240GODARD, Sadie E.18891957  
058241GODARD, Ralph H.18801957  
058242GODARD, Oscar M.18721950  
058243GODARD, Joel S.18441925  
058244GODARD, Florence18501931  
058245GODARD, Alonzo 1900  
058246GODARD, Chester    
003452GORDON,  c/o E.G. & E. 
003453GORDON, Joseph Paul18981898  
003454GORDON, Nellie A.18901891  
003455GORDON, Robert A.18301899  
003456GORDON, Sarah18901903  
021461GORDON, U Grant188?1910  
021462GORDON, Emma18661941  
0633912GRADDY, Doris L.19192005ssw JackYES
0633913GRADDY, Jack E.19211992ssw DorisYES
030722GRAY, Clarence H.19081992  
112622GREENBURG, Joe18981972  
1256145GREENBURG, Virginia J.19281998  
1256146GREENBURG, Jesse J.1924PN  
0391131GREENE, Frank D.18621939  
0391132GREENE, Alice L.18691950  
0391133GREENE, Thomas C.18601918  
0391134GREENE, Martha18281899  
0391135GREENE, John18271899  
0453104GRIFFIN, Emeline 02 Jan 18867Oy6m, w.o WilliamYES
035491GROH, Nina18891964  
035492GROH, John O.18851948  
113631GROUNDWATER, Agatha19081988  
113632GROUNDWATER, William19031972  
056324GRUBB, Leon18871888  
0142131GULLICK, George W.19171986  
0142132GULLICK, Mary E.18441926  
1275124GUNTER, Shirley A.19301957  
****HADLOCK, Roger L.06 Jan 194423 Oct 1910  
035495HAGEN, John A.18461935  
035496HAGEN, Flora B.18611924  
008281HAGGARD, Billy J.03 Sep 192406 Oct 1924  
008282HAGGARD, Norma18881987  
008283HAGGARD, William18841960  
055411HAINLIN, Fredrick 1909  
****   HAINLIN, Julia14 May 185316 Aug 1934  
021361HALE, Jacob18021878  
0434121HALE, Hal18681903  
0434122HALE, Franc18661940  
0434124HALE, Elaine18861916  
0434125HALE, Terrence1900 0R18861901  
057433HALL, Herbert Dean19331935  
001711HALL, Millard C.28 Aug 192112 Dec 1992  
001712HALL, Lola M.    
0163115HAMMACK, G. W. 188861y 
0163116HAMMACK, Elizabeth18251900  
0383124HAMMACK, Ann W.18551937ssw MattieYES
0383125HAMMACK, Mattie E.186019??ssw AnnYES
061274HAMOR, Edward R.18541900  
061275HAMOR, Sharal8191905  
061276HAMOR, Joel18061886  
****   HANDY, James T.02 May 191630 Oct 2010  
****   HANDY, Nellie B.28 Sep 190310 Feb 2004  
117674HARDING, Hazel18991974  
117675HARDING, Bert18931962  
020276HARDWICK, W1Lliam18811897  
000425HARE, Ruby N.1923PN  
000426HARE, George H.19101999  
148510 HARE, Bessie (see note 1)13 Aug 191122 Oct 1999w/o Byron 
1485101HARE, Byron E.19081965  
104510 HARE, Richard A.09 Jun 193922 Dec 1999s/o Bessie & Byron
(see note 1)
104574HARPER, Hugh T.19081996  
104575HARPER, Freda19121982  
104576HARPER, Elnor Ruth19411942  
034181HARRIS, Myrtle M.18841947  
034182HARRIS, Roger C.19081975  
0681141HARRIS, Robert J.18631954  
0681142HARRIS, Clara B.    
0681143HARRIS, Christian O.    
165621HARRIS, Herbert19061998  
087651HARRIS, Mark18811945  
****HARRIS, Viola L. 28 May 191004 Nov 1999  
0721111HARTSEL, Claude V.18901971  
0721112HARTSEL, Florence C.18991976  
0134142HASTINGS, Mary J.18661896  
0134143HASTINGS, William Earl18681930  
0134144HASTINGS, Homer S.19091986  
0134145HASTINGS, George F.18771940  
0134146HASTINGS, Lois I.19181920  
087551HASTINGS, Bert L.18871966  
087552HASTINGS, Lillian M.18931968  
087553HASTINGS, Roy A.19141940  
084715HASTINGS, Harold19121995  
****   HASTINGS, Shirley05 Jul 193016 Sep 2014  
0653116HAWLEY, Helen M.04 Jul 187517 Jul 189217y15dYES
****   HAYDEN, Hope09 May 191409 Apr 2008  
0337412HAYDEN, Max A.19141991  
007271HAYWORTH, Maleisa1884   
007272HAYWORTH, Mary 188124y 
007273HAWORTH, Susannah 189462y 
007274HAWORTH, James 190174y 
007275HAYWORTH, Charles 1899  
007276HAYWORTH, Melissa  28y 
007277HAYWORTH, Cora 18863d 
023244HEDGES, Absalom F. 05 Nov 190249y21d 
022251HEDGES, S. H.    
022252HEDGES, Salmon 26 Sep 187564y2m15d ssw Susan 
022253HEDGES, M. R. 187517d 
02235 HEDGES, Susan 19 Feb 188462y ssw Salmon 
031251HEDGES, Myra V.08 Aug 185819 Mar 1910w/o G.M. 
031252HEDGES, George M.01 May 184023 Oct 1918vet 1861-1865 
031253HEDGES, Maria J. 02 Dec 1899w/o George M. 
0926106HEDGES, Lura Williams19091999  
1205101HEMPHELL, Ethel18911978  
1205102HEMPHILL, Wilmer B.18871974  
1205103HEMPHILL, Juanita E.19121993  
1205104HEMPHILL, Paul M.19101993  
****   HENDERSON, Everett Jr.31 Mar 192905 Mar 2004  
109622HERSHEY, Ralph S.19001944  
0217122HESTER, Norma Fouch19311999  
0704131HICKOCK, David K.19871997  
112526HICKOCK, David W.19591996  
058341HIGGINBOTHAM, B. B.1818   
058342HIGGINBOTHAM, Mary J.18211902  
058343HIGGINBOTHAM, J. P. 187219y11m3d 
1505125HILL, Earl G.18931958  
0653111HINER, Ethel 29 Jul 18861y4m, d/o JL & MAYES
061173HODGE, Mary R.18881922  
159581HOGAN, Chester E.19021967  
119590HOGAN, Al H.19071982  
119591HOGAN, Luther R.18751956  
119592HOGAN, Roy E.19101991  
119593HOGAN, Flora C.18841947  
119594HOGAN, Minnie F.19111995  
119595HOGAN, Ralph J.19071982  
119596HOGAN, Mary Ann19431946  
133664HOGAN, Annabelle R.08 Apr 190804 Jul 1987  
133665HOGAN, Hubert H.19081987  
0711125HOLDER, Inez M.19041921  
0661122HOLLYFIELD, James T.18511902  
021464HOLLYFIELD, Sarah    
021465HOLLYFIELD, George    
090681HOLTSCLAW, Millie Audrey19031983  
0661121HOLYFIELD, Cynthia A.1847   
007391HOLYFIELD, Alden11 Feb 187304 Jul 1887s/o JT & CAYES
007392HOLYFIELD, Bertie08 Sep 188801 Nov 1878s/o JT & CAYES
024434HOLYFIELD, Eva Lynch18741901  
113634HOLYFIELD, Minnie E.18831969  
113635HOLYFIELD, John D.18791951  
0084103HOOK, Samuel18261919  
0084104HOOK, Sabella19281912  
080131HOWELL, Vryl C.19031936  
****   HOWELL, Betty L.18 Jul 193418 Dec 2004  
080132HOWELL, Clarence18981983  
0431124HOWELL, Phebe L.18481920  
062284HOWELL, Mode C.03 May 186008 May 1929  
062285HOWELL, Nancy18621926  
062286HOWELL, Mode Francis02 Aug -?08 Apr 1989  
139514HOWELL, Francis Wayne19391956  
139515HOWELL, Jessie May19101960  
110510HOWELL, Othel D.19321979  
110511HOWELL, David A.19601979  
110512HOWELL, Grace M.19091973  
110513HOWELL, Irvy J.19061950  
0996124HOWELL, Helen G.18961982  
****   HOWELL, Herman J.24 Apr 191629 Jan 2011  
0996125HOWELL, Deed18921971  
002721HOWELL, Roger L.19561986  
033746HOWELL, Dale E.194415 Oct 1999  
****   HOWLAND, Marie L.11 May 2000  
046191HOWLAND, Mary M.18611942  
046192HOWLAND, Henry M.18611928  
046193HOWLAND, Dora M.18831909  
132571HOWLAND, Beulah L.19001976  
132572HOWLAND, William E.18861977  
10259 HOWLAND, Marie L.1900PN  
10259 HOWLAND, Earl L.18961960  
10259 HOWLAND, Roy E.18881940  
****   HOYT, Inez12 Sep 191212 Sep 2014  
0441112HOYT, G. Walter06 Dec 188425 Mar 1961sw MinnieYES
****   HOYT, Lee02 Nov 190725 Jan 2008  
0441113HOYT, Minnie R.26 Aug 189213 Sep 1947ssw George WalterYES
0925103HOYT, Thelma Pauline12 Mar 192719 Mar 1998w/o & ssw George WesleyYES
0925104HOYT, George W.04 Apr 191826 Jul 1989h/o Pauline - sswYES
****   HUGHES, Frank06 May 192009 Sep 2011  
117571HUGHES, Irene M.19261996  
117573HUGHES, May W.18941985  
117574HUGHES, James E.18881973  
****   HUGHES, Walter M.06 Nov 194626 Oct 2000  
1275122HUNINGTON, Maxine Russell19071987  
10259 HUNTER, Edith R.19291988  
0734101HURST, Elva Rae1939   
0734102HURST, Karla Kay19411950  
1265134HURST, Della M.18781952  
1265135HURST, Ralph E.18721961  
161561IRBY, Ruth D.19051996  
161572IRBY, Thomas R.19051996  
029431IRVIN, Beatrice R.    
029432IRVIN, George    
0652113ISHAM, Cordie18951915  
0431121JACKSON, Jesie M.19021908  
0431122JACKSON, Kate E.18781921  
0431123JACKSON, W. A.18681939  
0431125JACKSON, Sarah M.18481909  
0431126JACKSON, William18361904  
0403141JACKSON, Danial W.16 Oct 184011 Oct 1906ssw MargaretYES
0403142JACKSON, Margaret07 Dec 1834 ssw Daniel, w/oYES
0403144JACKSON, Hattie B. 187321m 
0403145JACKSON, Frances M. 187713m 
0403146JACKSON, C. J.10 Apr 186221 Aug 1904 YES
106552JACKSON, A. O.18861978  
106553JACKSON, Iva B.18861946  
1555122JACKSON, Joy W.19101970  
114544JAENSEN, Cecil A.18971947  
030375JENKINS, Elizabeth 188748y3m18d 
059353JENNINGS, Addie18871889  
059354JENNINGS, W. Edward18511923  
059355JENNINGS, Sarah M.18551948  
083516JENNINGS, Maude P.18851961  
083517JENNINGS, Lewis W.18781956  
018393JESSEE, John07 Dec 180519 Jul 1895 YES
****   JOHNSON, Carl A.11 Jul 196109 Jan 2005  
****   JOHNSON, Francis C.18 Jan 192812 May 2005  
0411146JOHNSON, Nellie Miller18741934  
060461JOHNSON, Grace M.18831919  
060462JOHNSON, Ella V.18581937  
060463JOHNSON, Elliott Tobe18551929  
132574JOHNSON, L. Pearl19061986  
132575JOHNSON, Elmer F.19011993  
0945124JOHNSON, Selma H.19151934  
0945125JOHNSON, Emma S.18781950  
0945126JOHNSON, Elof18641944  
****JOHNSON, Vivian D.21 May 192815 Jul 1999  
0672131JOLLY, Ethel18801950  
0672132JOLLY, Lily E.18751948  
0672133JOLLY, Luthana18391888  
0672134JOLLY, Thomas E.18391926  
0672135JOLLY, Lottie A.18711936  
0672136JOLLY, Marshall18671939  
005251JONES, George D.18811881  
005252JONES, Thomas R.18391918  
005253JONES, Nancy C.18481920  
0936115JONES, Carl Edwin19101972  
13267 JONTRA, Goldie L.19061986  
13267 JONTRA, Roscoe E.19011969  
1295104JORDAN, Marquerite C.    
1255105JORDAN, Milton R. 1958  
063196KAPHKA, Henry18591908  
054416KARNES, John18591897  
0151122KASSON, Cortie A.18861976  
0151123KASSON, Fred A.18821958  
115554KEELING, Virgie I.18951977  
115555KEELING, James F.18951972  
0661124KEITH, Oscar L.18771964  
0661125KEITH, N. P.18321917  
0661126KEITH, Sarah J. Austin18431908  
146584KEITH, Elsie M.18901961  
146585KEITH, Walter18771961  
051141KIMZEY, Baby 22 Aug ????  
****   KIMZEY, Charles06 Nov 190423 Oct 1994  
061174KIMZEY, Minnie L.18841918  
0434121KIMZEY, Earl H.19101987  
0434122KIMZEY, Rosalie A.19121995  
0434123KIMZEY, Carl E.19081972  
0434124KIMZEY, Andrew19171935  
0434125KIMZEY, Iva D.18841971  
0434126KIMZEY, Robert18811930  
140521KIMZEY, George18871963  
140522KIMZEY, Rettie18931976  
140523KIMZEY, Frank18851972  
137522KIMZEY, Walter V.19151981  
137523KIMZEY, James E.18781952  
109524KIMZEY, Lovie M.18781952  
109525KIMZEY, William T.18681944  
108534KIMZEY, Mary E.18651962  
108535KIMZEY, Humphrey P.18571942  
106554KIMZEY, Tamra L.19721979  
106555KIMZEY, Ada M.18831969  
106556KIMZEY, L. D.18791941  
131581KIMZEY, Billy Lee19311967  
131584KIMZEY, Etta Neoma18771970  
131585KIMZEY, Robert M.18811955  
0946121KIMZEY, Margaret B.19061988  
0946122KIMZEY, Charles H.19041994  
022761KIMZEY, C. Beryl19051992  
022762KIMZEY, Ethel L.19051983  
KIRKPATRICK, Rodney15 Sep 195217 Jun 2015  
0232342KITTERMAN, Bertha18761955  
023243KITTERMAN, James H.18491922Co F 7th Reg. Iowa Inf 
02225 KITTERMAN, Lottie03 Feb 185913 Apr 1889w/o J.H. 
02225 KITTERMAN, Infant Son13 Apr 188921 Apr 1889  
035391KITTERMAN, Abby Angie16 Jan 188622 Sep 1895ssw OrphyYES
035392KITTERMAN, Orphy Dell07 May 188822 Ssp 1895ssw AbbyYES
035393KITTERMAN, Walter E.189529 Sep 1918Pvt 140 InfYES
035394KITTERMAN, Elias E.05 Jan 185508 Jul 1943ssw FrancesYES
035395KITTERMAN, Frances A.12 Nov 186312 Sep 1962ssw EliasYES
035396KITTERMAN, Henry Thomas 21 Dec 187661y11m4dYES
138511KITTERMAN, Milbern E.19181972  
138512KITTERMAN, Marvin E.19221952  
158591KITTERMAN, Delphia N.18971971  
158592KITTERMAN, Jessie G.18971971  
147592KITTERMAN, Rhonda Jean19651966  
054731KITTERMAN, Earl Chalk18991989  
056123KLIEWER, June19191973  
0925101KLINGEL, Anice18801936  
0925102KLINGEL, Carl18761937  
0925105KLINGEL, Ellen L.19031990  
0925106KLINGEL, John A.19031975  
0423132KNOX, Laura B. 188644yYES
1535142KRAMER, Vincent J.19091988  
****   KRAMER, Philip F.12 Sep 191227 Apr 2010  
106651KRAMER, Philip Lynn19461949  
****   KRAMER, Treva22 Apr 191417 Sep 2011  
019281KRAMMER, Mary18741944  
019282KRAMMER, John18741944  
019285KRAMMER, Eva18511930  
019286KRAMMER, John18471925  
Note 1: Submitted by Bonnie Mustoe,


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