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If you have one or a few headstone listings for Elk County we would love to post them on these cemetery pages - you may use this available form. If you have a large number of entries or a complete cemetery, please email me direct for instructions. Also, please contact me with any corrections you might have.
Don Tharp

Abbreviations used in transcribing the material for these cemeteries include:
b - born, d - died, c/o - child or children of, d/o - daughter of, s/o - son of, h/o - husband of, w/o - wife of, p/o - parents of, mrr - married, ssw - same stone with, and the age notations, y m d are for years, months and days.

Lines denoted by **** are entries derived from obituries and may not have a grave marker. The names are also links to the obituary.

If you have an obit of a person either listed or unlisted in any Elk County cemetery and would like to share it with others, I would be happy to post the obit and link to it. Don Tharp

Cemetery NameTownship Elk Co.,
Sec., Twp., and Range
Latitude and Longitude
Most Listed by GNIS
AMES CHAPEL Wild CatS35 T31s R10e371853N / 0961623WMAP
BUNKER HILLUnion CenterS8 T29s R10e373227N / 0962006WMAP
BUSBY PainterhoodS12 T30s R12e372734N / 0960233WMAP
CLEAR CREEK Union CenterS33 T 29s R9e372915N / 0962503WMAP
CRESCOPaw PawS6 T29s R11e373343N / 0961507WMAP
ELK FALLSElk Falls.not listedMAP
FAIRVIEWPaw PawS11 T29s R10enot listed
FOREST Union CenterS12 T29s R9e373230N / 0962248WMAP

S11 T30s R10e
372730N / 0961621WMAP
GREEN LAWNGreenfield S17 T31s R9e372048N / 0962612WMAP
HOBBS CEMETERYHoward S19 T29s R11e3750685N / 09625265WMAP
LONGTONLongtonS35 T30s R12e372328N / 0960411WMAP
MOLINEWild CatS3&4 T31s R10e372229N / 0961835WMAP
MOUNT OLIVETWild Cat S14 T31s R10e372110N / 0961723WMAP
aka North Pole
Liberty S29 T28s R13e373504N / 0960554WMAP
NIX GRAVEYARDLiberty S6 T29s R12enot listed
OAK VALLEYOak Valley S16 T31s R13e372035N / 0955960WMAP
OLD TAILORLiberty .373518N / 0955756WMAP
aka FIAT
Paw Paw S34 T28s R11e373411N / 0961046WMAP
PainterhoodS16 T30s R13e372558N / 0955949WMAP
WADE Liberty S28 T28s R12e373238N / 0960518WMAP
Other cemeteries not listedare shown below ...
UNION CENTERUnion Center ...
WOODALLLiberty ...

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