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Mr. Guy gives the following instructions to find a particular tombstone in the Cedar Vale cemetery.

The Cedar Vale Cemetery is located in the SW part of the town of Cedar Vale. The main entrance gate has a bronze plaque marked “In Memoriam Joan Dosbaugh Johnson.” In the months of my research I discovered Cheryl Voigtlander of Arkansas City, Ks., was working on this project. In due time she gave me a list row by row. I transferred this list to 3x5 cards to put in alphabetical order. I rechecked this work for errors and have a tombstone list that is reasonably accurate up through 1986. This does not include unmarked graves. The Cedar Vale city clerk’s office has records. One can check this source also.

There was a tornado years ago that upset and moved many stones in the older section so the exact location is uncertain, even though a very conscious effort was made to re-establish them in their proper location.

In my organizing these names I developed a code that is easy to follow, I hope. First look at the cemetery plot plan above. I have sections A through G. Sections E, F and G are the newer and less populated sections of the cemetery. Secondly, I assigned rows by number. The numbers (middle number in my three digit code) start by the row nearest to the county road or street and working to bigger numbers going toward the west. Then the third number is a grave stone number I assigned (in sections A D) by the progress from the east-west road in the cemetery leading west from the main gate; i.e., using number B-01-20 as an example, grave 01 is closest to east-west road, and grave #20 is 20 stones away from that main road. Section E, F and G are not sufficiently populated to assign grave numbers, hence there are only two numbers (Sec. # and Row #) and even then the row numbers may change in the future as these sections become used more and more.

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